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  • Antique Needle Silk Lace Scarf Yellow Antique Needle Silk Lace Scarf Yellow
    A fine representation of Anatolian Woman art is provided by the Antique Needle Silk Lace Scarf. This scarf was made from hand-woven silk fabric and special crocheted lace that was made from hand-spun silk using premium lace yarn. No matter how large the venue, for a truly exceptional look, both edges are painstakingly hand-trimmed and embellished with hand-crocheted Oya lace flowers. A dowry is laid out in the shape of an antique needle silk lace scarf for the wedding ceremony.   This Scarf is multifunctional, as it's able to be worn as a cape, as a scarf, and as a neck warmer. This is a fun, comfortable, and flexible accessory for the warm weather and the cold. In Turkey, the unique type of lacework referred to "Oya".   Antique Needle Silk Lace Scarf is a fun complement to your style in the summer: a shawl, bandana, headwrap, or belt. This stunning antique scarf is lined with elegant indigo and ecru lace on the deep red silk.