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    Ehram is the name of women's outerwear made of fine-spun sheep wool, which is obtained by combining the flat surface shuttle weaving and the two wings of this weaving. This Antique Ehram is one of the most important items of the Dervis Antique/Vintage Collection. Here are its story and history : Ehram, the raw material of which is sheep wool, is shaped and woven as a work of art in the skillful hands of young girls and women. Forty wool is used for it in the sixth and seventh months of the sheep. The people of the region say that this wool has long wires and will not shrink in the rain. He believes that there will be no Ehram from barren sheep and ram wool. The value of the rope is directly proportional to the thinness of the thread. Ehram is mostly produced and used in the provinces of central Anatolia. Written sources indicate when it was first touched and used since the 1800s in its present form. Color is very important in Ehram. Generally, white young girls, purple and gray middle-aged women, purple-black ihram is preferred by older women. The natural colors of wool such as brown, black, and cream are generally used in Ehram, and embroidery is handled with colored threads during weaving or later on. It is seen that colors such as dried rose, green, blue, and yellow are used for embroidery. Ehram is named with the patterns beside its colors. These were turned upside down on Bee, Rice deni, Apple Vinaigrette, Snowflake, Wheel star, Flying birds, Gordo, Lentils, and Elifler, etc. Embroideries such as almond flower, watch cord, honeysuckle, basil branch, playing of the star, apple vine, head