Ethnic Textile & More From Anatolia
  • Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Blanket Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Blanket
    Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Blanket is made of four layers of Organic Natural Turkish Cotton Muslin. The subtly crinkled weave offers a lightweight and soothing softness along with a classic, versatile look. It is ideal for use in four seasons. Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Blanket can be used from birth for swaddling your baby, as a nursing cover for breastfeeding, to protect him or her from the sun, or for warming in cold weather. Thanks to its big size it will go from babyhood to childhood for many years. It is a perfect birth present as well. It is ideal for use in four seasons. Since it is made of 4 layers of muslin it is very safe for swaddling. The open woven structure stimulates heath regulation to prevent overheating of your baby. Muslin is a finely woven very light and soft cotton fabric. It is very soft to the touch and gentle against your baby’s skin. The muslin blankets are breathable to help reduce the risk of overheating. They are long-lasting enough for daily use and very easy to wash. With each wash, they get softer. All development processes are eco-friendly, sustainable, and fair trade. You can safely use this organic and chemical-free blanket for your loved ones. Dimensions 160 cm x 100 cm
  • Muslin Kids Bathrobe Poncho Muslin Kids Bathrobe Poncho
    An Organic Muslin Kids Bathrobe Poncho is available for purchase. In addition to using breathable Organic Muslin Kids Bathrobe Poncho to help your little one stay cool in the sunshine, the Muslin Kids Bathrobe Poncho is great for shielding your child from harsh sunlight. A hooded Poncho can cover the head and neck from the rays of the hot sun when having fun outdoors. This is an excellent summer outing for your kid in this Organic Muslin Kids Bathrobe Poncho. Created and made in Turkey by hand at a family company, this organic muslin kids bathrobe poncho is smooth and lovely to the touch. Efficiency, softness, longevity, practicality, and elegance are the aspects we place the most importance on when it comes to robes. What is also incredibly important is that the clothes are chemically free, which is possible using high-quality natural musli