Ikat is a silk fabric variation. In every kind of interior, a hand-woven Ikat Cushion cover looks sophisticated, elegant, and beautiful. The best preference for making your home stunningly gorgeous is a decorative and glamorous Ikat cushion cover. Ikat is a technique for designing knitted garments by tie-bleaching the fibers before weaving. Ikat is the name given to the clothes created using this method. Both the methods and the materials are called by the same name. Since the fabric is made of silk, the texture of the Ikat cushion cover is very delicate and smooth. The clothes which are made by using this procedure are also known as Ikat. Both of these techniques and the materials share a common name. The Ikat cushion cover is handmade and the texture of the fabric is very soft and smooth as it is made of silk. People must take good care of them and keep them in order for them to last a long time. It is preferable to dry clean them or to use a moderate and gentle liquid detergent to wash them. Cleaning them with hard detergents or other chemicals will harm their texture and appearance, causing them to lose their luster and radiance. These cushion covers come in a variety of patterns and styles, as well as a variety of appealing, subtle, and light colors.  The ecru handwoven fabric wraps around the back of these cushions, while the patterns are on the front. For home décor or interior design, these cushion covers are available in a wide variety of the most exclusive, amazing, and fascinating pieces. A significant number of these covers are used for both business and personal reasons. Specialized interior designers for both homes and businesses use them as well. They offer the space they're in a new architectural dimension and accentuate the overall atmosphere in a subtle yet powerful way. 50 cm x 50 cm