The primer feature of Turkish towel is its premium quality natural Turkish cotton. Turkish cotton is different from other cotton types in the world including Egyptian cotton, because its getting thicker after it is used and washed and get more and more fluffy.

This characteristic of Turkish cotton provides maximum absorbency and efficient drying. The other specialty of Turkish towel is its weaving technique. Traditional Turkish towel is woven at very old hand looms by the expert masters. Hand looms use one single yarn for every weave, when the automatic machine loom use at least 2 yarn simultaneously. Hereby when the same weight of traditional Turkish towel is compared with automatic machine towels, Turkish towel is extremely soft, absorbent and fluffy, the other one is tight and tough so it does not give the same feeling, quality and luxury. Peshtemal/pestemal is flat woven version of Turkish towel which is made of same first quality Turkish cotton and woven at hand looms also. Nowadays it is preferred as beach, spa, sport and travel towel since its lightweight and it is easy to carry.