Anatolian Ehram is a traditional Anatolian cover cloth that is woven and made of wool. This fabric is used to protect villagers from the sun in the summertime and the wind in the wintertime when they work in the fields.

6000 meters wool yarn is used to wove 1 Ehram.

Its main origin is Bayburt. There used to be at least one Ehram loom in every three houses in Bayburt. Nowadays Anatolian Ehram is rare, but there is an increasing demand all over the world for this unique and gorgeous fabric. Ehram is famous, especially among fashion and interior designers.

It is woven and made of wool. It has a traditional pattern on it.

Ehram is mostly produced and used in the provinces of central Anatolia. Written sources indicate when it was first touched and used since the 1800s in its present form.

This Antique Ehram is one of the most important items of the Dervis Antique/Vintage Collection.