Ethnic Frame

We collect this type of Anatolian fabrics one by one for years.
They are from small villages of Anatolia.
These are between 80-100 years old.
They are all handloom fabrics and hand made, most of them are vegatable dye.
These are the pieces which are about to disappear.
The ladies had done them mostly for the dowry bags and wedding ceremonies.

This piece has a very remarkable story.
This two pieces have been belong to the same Lady. And after her funeral
they have been portioned to the heirs. Sadly both pieces are separated.
But many years later we found one piece in a small village of Aydın.
It has been kept in our collection. But after one year luckly in another
small village in Egean region, we face to the other.
Certainly they are sold together and we hope them to stay together forever 🙂

This Ethnic Frame is more then 90 years old. It is called Ottoman ceremony apron.
This belong to Aydın (Egean city)
It has been colored with vegetable dyes.
The size is 70 cm x 100 cm with frame.
Also for the overseas deliveries we can ship without frame.