“Turkish Oya” Anatolian Needle Lace is Anatolian Women’s unique and aesthetic cultural heritage.

Turkish Oya is a form of traditional Anatolian Needlework that is commonly used to decorate scarves, napkins, towel edges, clothing,  and other decorative elements. Oya ornaments may include a variety of figures such as flowers, fruits, trees, animals, icons, geometrical designs, or vegetables that vary according to region. Anatolian women practice this unique needling technique, which necessitates a high degree of skill and craftsmanship from very young ages.

This art has been maintained, passed down over centuries, and reached its greatness during the Ottoman period, where it is still practiced by village people.

Dervis has a huge Needle Lace Collection that has plenty of examples from the different regions of Anatolia. We support Women villagers to produce this art for our collection in order for this craft to survive and the women to gain their economical independence.

Every single Lace (Oya) has a secret message inside. In early ages, they were made by women expected to be silent or not to bring up certain subjects. Over the years, this became a secret language and meaning among the women. This language was occurred by designs, shapes, and colors. Every lace tells about the feelings of the creator. For example, blue tells she is happy however yellow means she is tired.

If you like your future mother-in-law, you could give her a fabric with a “gardens and grass” pattern on t