180 gr Allepo soap is a very special and exclusive natural soap. After it is produced it is rested under the earth for 4 years. It is a traditional soap in Anatolia whose producers are villagers and about to be disseaper.

It is made of natural olive oil and daphne and perfect for skin care. Can be used for hair, face and body.

Derviş Grandbazaar offers authentic silk, mohair, wool, local cotton textiles, old chest caftans, special dresses, bundles, kerchiefs, bath bowls, waist cloths that produced in special workbenches with particular care. Towels, pestemal, bathrobes and many others which rarely collected from Anatolia & its around…

Some of the highlights; special silk products compiled from various regions of Anatolia, authentically woven items, kaftans, pashminas, rare cloths, mohair, wool, bath accessories, bathrobes and towels.

More Than 40 Years Experience Located In 560 Years Old Historical Grand Bazaar Istanbul Established In 1461 The First Shopping Mall of  The World.