Silk, mohair, woll, local cotton textiles, old chest caftans, special dresses, bundles, kerchiefs, bath bowls, waist cloths which were produced in special workbenches with particular care, towels, pestemal, bathrobes and many others which rere collcted from every corner of Anatolia.

    Scented soaps produced with pure olive oil; thyme, rose, bay leaves, orange scented soaps, carnations ect…
    In brief, everything from the Dervis world won’t want to leave without. Dervis, located in the Grand Bazaar andowned by Tayfun Malik Utkan, is a place you will definetely be addicted after a few stops.

    Some of the highlights that catch the eye will obviously be the special silk products compiled from various regions of Anatolia, authentically woven items, kaftans, pashminas, rare cloths, mohair, wool, bath accessories, bath robes and towels.

    Besides that, a soap collection made from virgin olive oil with rose, oregano and other herbs will take you to a mystical journey in the Grand Bazaar. The propriator Mr. tayfun has also received “thank you”